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Mobento School Accounts

We help schools take advantage of the best digital age content.

Empowering educators to CREATE, SHARE & CONTROL the best digital teaching and learning resources

A world class video learning solution for the whole school:

For teachers

  • Powerful & flexible video learning system
  • Simple to administer
  • Manage users
  • Easily create digital courses
  • Build secure public & private libraries
  • Not just video: Attach documents and links to videos
  • Control content and ensure security

For students

  • World class user experience for a generation raised on online video.
  • Inline note-taking while viewing
  • Mobile apps
  • Download or stream content
  • Fast, engaging and inspiring experience

For both sides

of the classroom

  • Connected classroom
  • Progress tracking
  • Mobento’s high quality library of videos
  • Mobento Search – search the spoken word inside videos
  • Adapts to flipped, blended, and traditional classroom settings.

Technology and Content in Balance

The wealth of educational content and technology can be overwhelming without the right management tools.
Mobento wants to help.

Mobento School Accounts are quick, easy and affordable to set up.

I wouldn’t consider any other video learning solution; Mobento integrates simply with our LMS making things easier for our teachers. Tools such as the ability to download content, the spoken word search and the user analytics makes it invaluable to implementing a flipped classroom. It is what technology is meant to be for teaching and learning.

Amy, Director of IT

I just wanted to say thanks again for Mobento! My friend and I used it to study for our history midterm and I got the highest grade in my class and my friend Shanti got the 2nd highest grade.

Cecilia, Student, 10th Grade

Mobento Schools Account Overview

Simple and intuitive to use

Centralize, organize and secure video & other digital assets

Deliver education that is efficiently consumed and removes online distraction

Deployable at classroom, school or district level

Private Space

A totally secure, private and manageable space for your educators and students

Your School Account is a secure controlled environment for the management of your own content and courses.

It’s simple to set up and enables:

  • User, course & community management
  • Content management for your videos, documents and weblinks.
  • Easy customization of the look & feel to make this your school’s campus

Public Library

Get off to a flying start!

You can start using Mobento immediately because it is pre-populated with a collection of 4,500 world class learning videos.

  • Educators can supplement their courses by selecting from Mobento’s public library
  • Mobento’s public library is diligently curated to ensure that only the best video learning content in the world is available.
  • Includes the best from Stanford, Yale, Harvard, Ted, Khan Academy and many more.


It’s simple

We make search astonishingly easy and fast. Because we know how much that matters with todays of abundant content and competing demands for attention!

  • Staff and students can find and get to the most pertinent content instantly.
  • Our powerful search engine handles video, audio, text and metadata and produces beautiful color-coded results.
  • Familiar search interface, just click in the box and start typing.
  • Go straight to the point in a video when the search words were said and find out instantly if this lecture is your best use of time.


The easiest course management tools are also the best

You can build great courses for your students in one of two ways: using tools which are time consuming and technologically demanding…. Or you can choose a system which is simple and intuitive.

No training required. No pain required!

  • Content
    • Easy to create and customize courses.
    • Use content from private and public video library.
    • Attach other resources to videos (documents and weblinks)
  • Management
    • Track progress.
    • Notes and class discussions can be facilitated
    • Enables engagement with course in classroom and at home.
    • Courses can be edited on the fly.
  • Supports traditional, blended and flipped classrooms.


How can you measure success?

Digital tools can gather unparalleled amounts of data about student activity and engagement. We've put together the numbers you need to see in ways that are easy to act on. Here are some examples of Mobento's rich analytics:

User analytics

Videos Watched
Areas of Interest
Video Interactions
Page Views
Favorite Content

Video analytics

Plays over time
Likes and dislikes
Comment Threads
Notes Taken
Course Usage

Course analytics

Course Engagement
Student Progress
Individual Student Overview
Class Video Discussion
Video Rankings

System analytics

Intuitive Dashboard
Upload Monitoring
System Highlights
Usage Data
Downloadable Reports

Mobile Apps

A hardware agnostic approach

Your staff and your students use all sorts of different equipment.

Which means you need a solution that fits a wide technology user base – rather than the other way round.

The Mobento School Account allows controlled and measurable access through:

  • Web browsers
  • Our iOS apps for iPad and iPhone
  • Android Apps

Online or offline

Back to the Future

One of the great advantages of educational books is that you don’t need to be permanently connected to the interwebosphere!

Well, we’ve learned too. From books.

  • Using our apps users can stream videos or download them.
  • Ensures content can be studied anytime, anywhere.
  • Yes - even when they’re offline.

Integrations (SIS and LMS)

A perfect fit

Mobento seamlessly integrates with your school’s or district’s Student Information System and Learning Management System

  • Easily import learning resources and track student and course progress through our powerful Canvas by Instructure integration
  • LTI integrations to easily manage and distribute your learning resources to Blackboard, Moodle, Desire 2 Learn, Schoology, Sakai, OpenClass and Haiku Learning.
  • Easily import and export information between Mobento to your student information system through CSV files.