Mobento Search

Welcome to a smarter way to search video.

Until now there has only been one way to search video collections. It’s a time-consuming linear process. The one that says: start watching at the beginning and finish at the end. And if that was the wrong video, start again on another one.

But in a world where video is so abundant that’s not good enough. In this world we also need a way to identify which videos we want to watch and to find the parts of videos we’re most interested in.

In other words, we need to be able to mine whole video collections. Instantly.

That requires an ability to search the words that were spoken in a video and all the meta data that goes with it such as title, description, organization. And that isn’t around.

Which is why we built Mobento Search. This is what it does differently:

1) It instantly identifies all the videos that contain your search terms in the spoken words or the meta-data.

Mobento Search Result Page

2) It shows you where the search words were spoken in any given video so that you can go straight to the important parts. If you’re searching a 2 hour lecture for a five minute segment this will save your life. Or at least one hour and fifty five minutes of it.

Mobento Video Player

In a few years, we believe that all video will be searched and consumed like this.

In the meantime we’re very happy to be the first to do so. We think it’s a big step in exploiting technology to better share and absorb knowledge.

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