We’re a video learning platform.

Education is being transformed by technology. At the heart of the change is video.

Our mission at Mobento is to help video learning achieve it's potential.

And that potential is enormous. It’s not hard to see the parallels with the opportunity to learn created by the invention of the printing press. Video learning brings forth a freedom to learn about anything, to do so directly from the world’s best educators, to do it wherever you are and at the time of your choosing.

This rich opportunity is open to everyone, whether you want to study a formal course or simply dip your toe into something that intrigues you, whether you’re an educational institution or simply curious about life.

We created Mobento because we believe that technology has been under-serving education. High quality videos are hard to find while lots of dross is pretty easy to stumble into. And searching for the pearls amid the clutter is time consuming.

In short: we think the world where video meets education “could try harder”… as your old school report used to say.

We believe Mobento can help by getting the basics right. By organizing content better, being brutal in quality control, and being top of the class in innovation.

The Mobento Library

Quality in; Quality out

Mobento provides a free to use library of the world’s best educational videos. We scour the public web and work with the world’s best teachers and institutions to bring you a one stop shop for video learning. It’s like a You Tube of education.

Our library is comprehensive and high quality.

And that’s because this is a library and a library has librarians. That’s us. We are rigorous in only uploading high quality, fascinating videos from established academic institutions and learning organizations.

That’s why, when we launched on Day One, we only had 200 videos. Not many by You Tube standards but it delivered about 150 hours sourced from some of the finest speakers at Stanford, Yale, Khan Academy and TED.

We could easily have stuffed the library full of dross in order to shout about how big our library was. We didn’t. At Mobento, less is more.

Now we have 10,000 hours of video. And because we’ve stayed true to quality, and our librarians are zealots, you know that every one of those hours is a worthy recipient of your precious time.

Tools to fit the task.

When you’re learning you need a different set of technology tools than those you use for idle surfing.

Basic stuff. We started with search.

After all, as we’re bringing together such a wonderful collection of video content we owe it to our users and speakers to make it properly searchable. But searching video the way we wanted to simply didn’t exist. So we figured out how to make it exist. We think you’ll like it. Mobento Search instantly searches the entire video library for the words that were actually spoken. We’re very proud of this. In fact it’s hard to believe that this won’t be the standard way of searching ALL videos within the next ten years.

Mobento School Accounts

The power of video to liberate and empower new teaching methods has driven fundamental changes to student learning behavior and to the way valuable classroom time can be optimized by teachers. That's why we created Mobento School Accounts to help educators to create, share and control tailored content. With ease.

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Mobento for Enterprise

If learning is life-long then it doesn’t stop at the front door of your company. In fact having the best informed and most inspired people is what every business dreams of. That’s what Mobento for Enterprise enables. You want users to go straight to the right content with a minimum of fuss. And they want to apply their minds to the content, not the system. That’s what a great video learning system does and it’s what Mobento for Enterprise delivers.

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Mobile Apps

Mobento provides a rich experience for students no matter what device they’re using to consume their learning. Our iOS and Android apps allow students to build mobile playlists, comment, and watch streaming or downloaded content on the move.

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The Name: Mobento

It doesn’t mean anything. We needed a name. It sounded nice.